Where have I been?

I'm pushing a year of absence from this diary and I feel like I'm letting go of an important pastime. I as well as others have enjoyed my entries, but I feel my thoughts have been eaten up by myspace.
A lot has happened since I last wrote in here. Loved ones passed. Sadness. Overwhelming depression and testing of patience. I've kept up the school, but still haven't shaken that child-tempered resistance to do what is needed. I procrastinate. I ignore and drink. I am tired. I am midway through week 6 of 4th term. I'll have 2 more and they are only getting more strenuous and tedious. I'm not exactly sure what I'll due afterwards besides being horribly in debt, but I won't quit. I feel like just sleeping it away all the time but I can't, I'd only feel worse, and it's hard enough without a reason.
So on I go.
All for now, I will write again soon.
I've enjoyed this diary and fear if I stop it and alot of important memories will be deleted. We need to remember certain things, and it's just amusing as hell to look back 3 years at a late-night drunken rant, or an awkward emotional break down.
Also you can thank Jamen. He bitched that I never write in here.

1:12 p.m. . by Timm Jumper